Central Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents


Article VII        Membership Meetings                             

7.01 Annual Meeting.  There shall be a meeting of the membership of the Chapter once a year to be held at a place and time selected by the Board. The purposes of this meeting are to elect its officers and directors and to conduct other Chapter business or as otherwise required by law. 

7.02 Notice of Annual Meeting. The Secretary shall cause to be issued a written Notice of Annual Meeting forty-five (45) days prior to the date set for the annual meeting.  Such notice shall be in writing and may be sent via U.S. Mail, email or any other electronic means permitted in these Bylaws, as determined by the Board, and shall include:

a.      An agenda.

b.      The reports of the Nominating Committee to include a list of the nominees for officer and director positions open for that specific year.

c.      A request for, and procedures on, how Members may either submit separate written nominations or how nominations from the floor may be made.

d.      The text of any proposed amendments, changes, or revisions to Chapter Bylaws, and/or any proposed resolutions for consideration by the membership, with recommendation(s) of the Board.  If any proposals were previously issued in writing to the Members via other means approved by the board, then only the recommendation from the Board shall be necessary in the Notice of Annual Meeting, as the Board may direct. 

e.      Any other matters to be properly brought before the Board or the membership

7.03 Membership Meetings.  Chapter meetings shall be held on a date and at a time and place, which shall be determined by the Board. The President shall notify Members and Associates at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting date, time, place and agenda. Said notification is deemed given when notice is communicated to Members and Associates by either mail or electronic means. For this purpose, notification by electronic means includes, but is not limited to communication by telephone, facsimile, E-Mail or by posting on the CACEA Website.

7.04 Special Meetings.  A special meeting of Chapter Members may be called for any lawful purpose by a written petition signed by five percent (5%) of the Members and submitted to the Secretary. The petition shall contain specific topic(s) to be covered. The secretary shall promptly attest that the signatures are apparently valid and the number of valid signatures meets the 5% requirement.  The secretary shall then cause to be issued a Notice of Special Meeting with the agenda of topic(s) to be considered.  This notice may be via electronic or other means as determined by the Board. The meeting shall take place under rules adopted by the Board.  Only the published agenda items set forth in the Notice of Special Meeting shall be transacted at the Special Meeting of the membership.  Should a regular Annual Meeting be scheduled within three (3) months of the attestation of the of valid signatures, the topic(s) contained in the petition for the Special Meeting shall be scheduled as a separate agenda item and covered at the next regular Annual Meeting instead of convening a separate Special Meeting.  

7.05 Quorum 

a.      Annual Meeting. A quorum at the Annual Meeting shall be a majority of the Members registered for, and who are in attendance at, the Annual Meeting. 

b.      Special Meeting.  A quorum at a Special Meeting shall be twenty percent (20%) of the Members of the Chapter.  However, if an Annual or Special meeting of the membership of the Chapter is attended by less than one-third (1/3) of the Members, only bylaws and other issues where Notice of their general nature was given prior to the meeting shall be transacted at the Special Meeting.

7.06 Voting. Each Chapter Member shall have one vote on each matter to come before the membership at an Annual or Special Meeting of the Chapter. Cumulative and proxy voting are prohibited.  Unless specified otherwise in these bylaws and Arizona law, all matters to come before an Annual or Special Meeting of the Chapter shall be decided as follows:

a.      Annual MeetingA majority of votes cast by those registered to vote and whose attendance has been verified at the meeting;

b.      Special Meeting: A majority of the total votes cast.  Voting for Special Meetings shall include not only votes cast by Members registered for, and whose attendance has been verified at said meeting, but also shall include Member votes cast prior to the Special Meeting via mail ballot, email, or other electronic or other approved means as the Board may direct.

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