Central Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents


Article X         Committees                             

10.01 Committees.  The Board may establish procedures for the creation and operation of committees as it deems appropriate.  Except as otherwise stated herein, the Board must approve procedures to permit closed sessions for committees. This Article sets forth various standing committees and their operation. 

10.02 Nominating Committee.  There shall be a nominating committee appointed by the Board. The chair of this committee is the Immediate Past President, unless specified otherwise by the Board.  This committee shall report its recommendations to the Board, which, upon approval, shall publish the results of the membership committee report to the Members via the Notice of Annual Meeting no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual Meeting or via other means authorized by the Board.  The nominating committee shall meet in closed session. 

10.03 Audit Committee.  No later than the second Board meeting of the current term of office, the President shall nominate, for Board confirmation, an audit committee to examine, or cause to be examined, the books and records of the Chapter for the prior year.  The committee report shall be delivered to the Board at such time and in such manner as may be established by the Board.  The primary purpose of the examination is to ensure accuracy and continuity of Chapter paperwork for financial and historical purposes. The Board may establish other purposes at its sole discretion.

10.04 Bylaws Committee. The Board shall appoint a bylaws committee, as necessary, to manage the Chapter bylaws.

10.05 Reports and Recommendations.  Except as otherwise directed by the Board, reports and recommendations of committees shall be submitted to the Board in writing.

10.06 Executive Committee.  The executive committee shall consist of all of the Officers of the Chapter, in addition to two other Board Member selected by a majority vote of the Officer Committee members.  The executive committee is authorized with all powers of the full Board when the Board is not in session to deal with time sensitive issues in the best interest of the Chapter if the item needs to be accomplished before the next scheduled Board Meeting.

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