Central Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents


Article I            Name, Principal Office, Purposes and Restrictions                           

1.01 Name.  The name of this organization is the Central Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents Chapter herein after described as “CACEA”

1.02 Authority.  The Chapter has been chartered by Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents, Inc. (AzSEA) to operate under its own bylaws as a Chapter of AzSEA in basic conformity with National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and the AzSEA bylaws.

1.03 Principal Office.  The principal office of the Chapter for the transaction of its business shall be located in the central region of the State of Arizona or in such other place, within or without the State, as may be determined from time to time.

1.04 Purposes.  The purposes of the Chapter include:

a.      Promote, preserve and protect the interests of all Enrolled Agents;

b.      Cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation among all the Members;  

c.      Promote a professional level of competence, character, and integrity among all the Members;

d.      Keep all Members informed of new laws or amendments to existing laws that affect the general public and the profession;

e.      Represent Arizona Enrolled Agents on the State and local level with all governmental agencies and institutions;

f.        Represent the interests of the Chapter Members in their relationship with the NAEA and the AzSEA and its aims and programs; 

g.      Represent Enrolled Agents on a regional level as such regional organizations shall be developed.

1.05 Restrictions.  All policies and activities of the Chapter shall be consistent with applicable federal, state and local trade regulations and antitrust or other legal requirements and applicable tax exemption requirements.

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